About Decwars


Decwars is modeled after the game decwar, which was produced in the late '70s, was the one of the historic first "multiplayer" games, in which users would compete with each other on a computer.

Decwars is a text-based massively multiplayer online Star Trek like game. The major difference is that this game supports nearly unlimited players. The game is in a two dimensional universe in a grid of 79 by 79 sectors. Objects referenced in the game can be in absolute, relative or computed terms.


Everything is command line driven. The commands may be abbreviated to the most unique portion of the command. Many of the commands have options. There is always the help command that can explain the command to you. Commands may be stacked on a line by separating the multiple commands with a slash (/). If you wish to repeat your last command line, just press enter.

Output from the game can be long, medium or short. Command input and output can be set to default to absolute or relative.


You’re in command of a starship, which is on one of two sides (Coalition and Empire). Two other sides are controlled by the computer, the Archerons, of which there can be up to 5 ships at a time, and neutral objects such as planets, stars and black holes. Each side (except the Archerons and Neutrals) can have up to 10 bases at a time, and an unlimited number of captured planets. You can build planets into bases if you have less than 10 bases. You have two types of weapons: torpedoes and phasers. You can move around space with your engines or impulse engines. You can scan what is around you with your scanner. Anything you see will be visible to your side with the list command (unless they move). Your ship has other devices such as a radio, transporter, shields which you can use as well. If a device is damaged during an attack, it won’t work and you will need to either dock at a friendly base/planet or do the repair command, or just wait until the ship repairs it.


Destroy all the bases of your enemy!